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Meet Attorney Mel Coxwell

Divorce can be draining emotionally, physically and psychologically. How your divorce proceeds depends, in large part, on how you and your spouse approach the process. Another important factor affecting the tone of your divorce is the attorney who represents you and the lawyer for your spouse.

Mel Coxwell helps his clients navigate through the difficult decisions that must be made in divorce with care and a commitment to personalized guidance. He listens carefully to each client’s objectives, then devises a legal strategy that puts them in the best possible position to start their new life.

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A History Of Success

Mel is a former prosecutor who left that role to represent individuals in Rankin County and surrounding counties in a wide range of legal matters. While his focus is on family law, he also represents clients in drunk driving and other criminal cases, and he advocates for individuals and small businesses in insurance claim disputes.

Mel’s familiarity with the judges and court personnel in Rankin County Chancery Court and other courts in central Mississippi provides a distinct advantage. He understands how individual judges run their courtroom and what outcomes may be likely if a case goes to trial. Mel has also earned a reputation among judges for being well-prepared, meticulous and earnest.

Turn to the Law Offices of Mel Coxwell for representation backed by more than 25 years of experience. To schedule an initial consultation with our Brandon family law attorney, call 601-724-8723 or contact us online.

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