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Determining Child Support Is More Than Plugging Numbers Into A Formula

Child support is an important issue for parents who are divorcing or ending a nonmarital relationship. For a custodial parent, child support can help create a level of financial security that a child needs and deserves. For a parent who is obligated to pay child support, it is critical that your payments are set appropriately so you do not find yourself under severe financial stress.

The state uses a formula for determining child support levels, but there are many factors that may warrant deviating from the child support guidelines. These additional factors include:

  • Additional health care costs
  • Additional education costs
  • Day care costs

One of the most important factors to get right during the determination of child support is the itemization of income. For those who are self-employed or who have other unique income structures, it is important that income is properly assessed, or the formula may create an unfair burden, or leave the children without sufficient support.

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At the Law Offices of Mel Coxwell, we understand how to properly itemize income and address any issues that require deviating from the guidelines to help you secure an appropriate level of child support. We are committed to helping our clients through this and all other aspects of divorce. We will use our more than 25 years of experience to help you secure the best possible resolution.

The same guidelines are used to determine child support when the issue arises outside of marriage. We can help you secure appropriate child support.

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